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Oral Plastic Surgery

Several oral plastic surgery techniques are available to improve the appearance of the gums. These procedures are intended to recontour the gum line to provide better symmetry as well as to re-establish the ideal length to width ratio. With a gingival “gum” graft, thin and receeding gums can be repositioned to cover exposed roots (Figures 1a-b).

Figure 1a: Before grafting

Figure 1b: After grafting

esthetic_clip_image002 esthetic_clip_image004

In some individuals an excessive amount of gum tissue can make a person’s smile appear too “gummy” with short teeth. Recontouring and thinning of this excess gum tissue can provide a much more esthetic appearance (Figures 2a-b).

Figure 2a: Before gingival recontouring

Figure 2b: After gingival recontouring

OPS-Before288 OPS-After288